What are the challenges of inhabiting and coexisting in a North that is changing? To what extent are nordicity, geography and cultural factors determining the way people experience of the North? How are northern populations redefining the North and restating Northern existence? How do new Northerners, be they indigenous, non-indigenous, old, new or temporary, relate to local populations? What are the patterns of intercultural relations in the North? How does one explain the high levels of mobility that have always marked northern ways of living? What factors are at play in attracting, keeping or driving away northern residents and those who aspire to live there?

Furthermore, how can inclusive and respectful development of the North be achieved while surmounting the power relations that mark this culturally sensitive territory, particularly those stemming from interaction between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, North and South, tradition and modernity, preservation and development, and rootedness and mobility?

These questions provide the basis for the research conducted by the Groupe de recherche sur les migrations, les mobilités et la cohabitation dans le Nord (“Research Group on Migration, Mobility and Co-existence in the North”).

The lands and the waters we are working on are part of ancestral territories that, since time immemorial until today, serve as a home, meeting place and venue for interaction and exchange for indigenous peoples, notably the Innus, Eeyouch (Cris), Naskapis, Anishinabeg (Algonquins), Atikamekw, Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk), Hurons-Wendats, Mi’gmaq, Malécite, Abénaquis, Inuit, and other nations which live there today We recognize the past, present and future consequences of colonialism on these lands and waters and we actively work towards their decolonization.

This formula for territorial recognition is inspired from the one endorsed by the members of GRIAAC/CIERA-MTL (UQAM and Université de Montréal) and the Université Laval.

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